Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Naked Vlogg.. still in progress..

Oh yes.. and about the naked vlogg chain I was supposed to do.. I will try to get that finished, possibly this week.. (or not!) I had a really nice idea and it was going to be a cartoonish collage of cartoons saying "naked".. as in rocko's modern life, and and maybe something like freakazoid too.. just little clips as punctuations, if possible.. with my AV and my rambing babbling talk... as usual.

I'm a vitual girl in a virutally owned world..

I dreamt I had to go to the beach.. (where) every day for a week before my birthday. I don't know why, and to be quite honest, what beach am I to do to? Ingerö? Skärgård? not anything really "out there" for me.. although I am partial to Ingerö and I miss going there the little time I used to go.. but right now the water is probably icy at best, my chest hurts when I breathe too hard and I'm still quite sun senstive.

Maybe a vitual beach is better? I need to find a new sandbox group.. I am getting pretty tired of the enourmous size of the Friends of the Pond.. its really driving me mad too with all their contests and stuff.

What bothers me is owning land is like living in the newbie home.. you have a limited amount of prims although more than twice as much.. and you still need to use the sand box :P... however if I want to be efficent I can start creating a few vendors (not unlike Yip does it) as posters... and stick them on my walls!!! eh yeah!!! But now I HAVE TO LEARN HOW TO BUILD VENDORS!