Friday, 19 December 2008

the closed SL beta test grid..

I'm trying to see what I could do within the contexts of building, and using some of my ideas of my dreams about a house... a house that was not square nor was it round but rather octoganal or hexagonal shape, using a central pillar or an innerwall centrum style, either with the entrance of this style of room closer to the outer wall as oposed to the middle.

Then I just created a closed sectional system of round entrance to the center of the wall. It changes the shape of the smaller rooms when you do that, and both options gives a feeling of sheltered space but unlike a conventional box style, its division creates angular walls but more like a section of a four sided shape.. which in the aplication IRL could be more easily seen as practial given the style of most of our furnishings require a flat wall, square controled systems. A kitchen within such a shape would be really interesting.

I still was thinking like this, the centum of the house should have a multi sided fire place, thus, you have your kitchen warmth, thermodynamicly warming the house from the center at the same time you cook your food (just thinking IRL practical designs that I have been turning over in my head). Farfar's house designs, of the cabins up north also have the fireplaces somewhat more or less off center, and they are connected to the old iron stoves.. very practical, but Farfar knows he's brilliant, I think his oversight is where the proportions of the room meets the furnishing of the rooms, its as if that was never a part of the equasion. So where you end up sleeping and putting your stuff and where you sit is all either left up in the air or as is, how it was before he added on the improvments. And believe me, its kind of sad to see and know that someone who can design something with the most practical things in mind.. and then sabatage his own style..

My dream seemed to be inspired by the Mongolian tents, the shapes and sectional style they have.. and I confess that the Mongolian tent is rather charming.. if and only if it wasn't made animal hides, even the lovely thick rugs woven during the years.

But this dream is now several years old, an idea finally nicely sketched in a more "solid" form. Finally.

Hope I have more time for this, because I have more stuff in the old thinking machine..

ideas as such: REDUX the silver box, new eyes in it, as well as old ones, same price, AND (secret prize in them too).. but this will be a promotional idea for the new box image ect. And then JADEZ COLOURZ has many new babies.. the price will be the SAME but there will be new additional eyes in the box and a new box... if you happened to have bought the old boxes and buy the new boxes, and know or look back at it on my list you get a refund for the updated box.

Maybe even the Tea series should be remade.. and finally there will be a V2 Beautiful Browns..

I still am planning the Natural Lichen ColourZ for Pauline Oceanlane... just because I loved the idea, and had it already somewhere but she put it up front and I think about it very much... and have been sorting images of lichen.

And for Fricka I want to make a set of MonoChromatic EYeZ! by AET..greyscale colours... because she loves grey and I would love to see various grey scales for black and white avatar skin and hair and clothes.. since there ARE black and white sims, or at least one. I dreamt once of a party like this when I was 16... I didn't know until just recently there are such things called "black and white" parties.. IRL (in my dream there was a chess board and people dressed appropriately to "play" the game)

Perhaps I can rent a sim for a party? Quark Allen would have to be the DJ.. of course...but only the stuff I like ;) When he plays some great music he is definately one of the BEST SL DJ's I have ever heard... he loves Kraftwerk too, and has a great understanding of the music under the timeframes I love most as well.

Maybe event planning????? never mind I can't even bother to show up to fun stuff.. how can I create something I can't show up to??