Wednesday, 9 April 2008

the more I look, the more I realize

so now my AV is an impression of me at 19 years old.. here I am wandering about the deeper side of Kowloon, the walled city which technically exists as an internet ghost.. "NeoKowloon".

I have been spending allot of time here because the story, although I didn't know it at first, is really MY story. A city which was torn down. A real city which was in existence, had its own rules and its "government" agreed to getting rid of it, before the changing of hands of Hong Kong to the mainland China.... it was settled in 1987 and its residents forcibly evicted from 1991- 1992.

It mirrors a version of China which is old and chaotic and yet has its own sense of order and rules.. obviously the task of awakening the ghost was done via Japanese people who have become very interested in the story.. interested enough to create a sim.. that is impressive.

Right now in many parts of the world we don't even think about the knocking down of shanty towns and long living cities.. with the people every day.. because of governmental interference with peoples essencial rights to Live someplace... to create a space to live, wether that space be a box or a house. Now with that being said, at this time since China is doing all it can to bring itself up on first impressions as a first world country.. (and repeating many of the mistakes of Mao) forcibly removing people from the land they lived on for many generations and putting cities underwater for the massive hydroelectric project, to bring China into an uncertain future with a the one child policy and scrawny compensation for being forcibly removed to the crappily built "artificial" cities.. ect.

It is happening every day.. and no one has questioned it because China's hosting the Olympics games has become the focus of the world (and China) and an even more perfect view of order is being given... China is the example of what the governments want... and you can't say it is communist policy, because its not a "communist" government which wants to control people as mear toys to be moved about when they choose, its EVERY government with that as a hidden agenda.. to make people more submissive.. in what ever way they need to, and if that means removing a culture or getting rid of them, then that is what will happen.

Edit: talking to someone from the sim later on that day I discover that it is the opinion of people in general that it was the British who were at fault destroying Kowloon... where as I believe that it was both British and Mainland China which could not "deal with" the idea of people who had raw and unchallanged will power.

Friday, 4 April 2008

Advert to get paid for...

This is an advert to earn money like camping only its called... EARN2LIFE.

I'm not one for adverts or even trying to earn money by increasing traffic in areas, but its like camping for that same reason.. If buisnesses within Second life want some additional traffic inside of their area and people to vote and people to look at their goods sometimes they have to go out and get people to walk through the space.

With this in mind there are allot of buisnesses on the Directory they have.. thats what the add is for, a referal to a way to get more traffic as well as a very heavily promoted directory.. I'm not a huge fan of stuff like this but its all part of any idea, to get people moving towards the buisness and actually take a look.. perhaps buisness owners should even ask some of the people walking through their site what they can do to improve it.. you know?

Ah never mind me.. I'm not all that empathetic but if one day I become a buisness owner, it would be nice to be able to be a part of a directory that tries to spread around your link to as many people as it can.. for example the Adult adoption agency.. that was really cute.. but then I don't often see the darker sides to things, do I? Anyway, off to the sandbox or maybe not.