Monday, 8 September 2008

an act of virtue in the land of virtual..?

People debate now, if they really care.. one thing is for certain some of the older behaviours are resulting in LL action being quite, "knee jerk".. sometimes just out of pressure they become excessively active.. they mirror the thoughts of the media like this sometimes... I enjoy the idea that they will be being strict about adds.. because add farms are generally UNPLEASENT... thanks to Meredith Staheli for informing me of this new artical!

Saturday, 6 September 2008

What's Real, and is it the Ownership of your interactive experience which makes you such a BASTARD?

There is a psychology to stuff like "Road Rage" and "Virtual Rudeness".. it comes with an idea that this is a computer one owns.. and the world inside of the computer being owned by the person in command often has to bend to the will of the "owner".. its a lack of realization of how other people feel because for many, its quite anonymous--

I see this for example with Youtube and the comments people leave.. and yet, I know, IRL, no one would ever be so rude directly to someone's face.. so we do have to gently remind people that there are different levels to the reality they experence.

Because its not passive like a TV, the experience people have will be effected by attitude.. just as in "Road Rage"..a bad and a good day is really often attitude plus perspective plus expectation..and has nothing to do with what actually is going on.

When people are extremely rude on SL I get the impression that they never learned that the computer (which they consider their property and all things in it including the people in the experience) IS LIKE A TELEPHONE..and that all communications between people require a social sensitivity.. and the funnest thing I learned is people who I would have thought intellegent, at least on paper have no clue about treating people via words within letters or computer communcations.. and really needs sensitivity training.

I mean someone is giving something.. right? What did we learn (did we learn that??) as children to say, "please" and "thank you" and when needed "no thankyou".. because you have the right to say "no" in a polite way as well.

Sorry about the bla bla bla.. but what I read on FABFREE's Blogg about the rudeness of people struck a nerve with me.

Considering more than 10 years ago I met someone via the "internet" for people to tell me stupid things like "that person is not for real"...and then we met, fell deeper in love and I moved to Sweden, over someone who other people of so called reasonable thought telling me I was not experiencing something REAL.. just because I met on the internet, rather than at a "real location" such as a bar or something..

so.. to the road ragers.. and annoymously rude.. who don't think there are "real people" on SL, maybe you need to be nicer to see the better side of it all.

Friday, 5 September 2008

AET's evolution.. not exactly anything brillant unless you saw the very first day...

Attempts at looking sharp on the test grid

Now I understand how to make mistakes.. so I hesitate to make more- thus I have been testing my eyes on the test grid almost all week now! blah! I'm trying to come up with imagery which would look really stylish.. but I think the images should be multi coloured, multi cultural and multi gendered..

Right now its quite homogenious, but it has a bit of androdgynious stuff going on which I kind of like..