Saturday, 3 January 2009

If you have any of the following symptoms...

*Are you constantly feeling superior to others?
*Is everyone else who disagrees with you an idiot?
*Do you ever feel that about 99% of the population of the world should be exterminated or just shouldn't exist at all?
*Do you imagine you are the only one who understands these great conspiracies of "commies" taking over all of the internet, and hate how they give away the shop while you are struggling to make ends meet?
*Do you beg for tips on your blogg?
*Do you beg for tips on your virtual land?
*Do you believe that most people are not the gender they say they are when you are venturing into virtual worlds and bloggs?
*Do you believe you have the right to have self righteous hate of everything because due to your superiority, you are absolutely correct and people shouldn't argue with it because it just "idiotic" to do so, and don't even provide FACTS to your belief systems because if it was something you thought of, it is thus "The God's Holy Truth, ahmen.."

If you have one or many of the following symptoms, I am afraid its too late for you, but not for everyone else around you, please do help THEM to get help, because as I repeat, it is too late for you, you will always be a miserable bag of bones... or sack of sH*Ö*t!!

Friday, 2 January 2009

If your interactions cause you problems.

As a person who has no time for spell check, as a person who has little time for my own uploads to my shop and stuff, as a person who has little time for socializing, ringing home or writing to my friends, I certainly do too much of it..

I have jumped to a conclusion that there is a "syndrome" of the internet, and yes it has the power to empower or the power to make people out as some kind of impersonal road rager.

I'm not talking about people who have a legitamate critique of things, and although it is not for me to judge who exactly has a "legitamate complaint" I do find that there is a certain line people shouldn't cross unless within the area of parody.

I don't believe that these "flame wars" which have ties to certain controversial fictional figures of Second Life are exactly "random" and the Leaving of Feo from Freebie Telegram and the possible closing of the blogg is just an example how these wars spread from blogg to blogg.

One post dealing with a shape and its reporting of it considered "controversial" when it's language was NEUTRAL turned into a flamewar. It was a "controversial shape" it was a larger shape, but not a shape which made parody to a larger figure. It was reported to have been "larger but not ugly" which was in my honest opinion, an accurate statement.

I find it interesting that someone who was feeling some kind of pressure decided to also take a new stance as "activist" for the overweight, This was on a completely different blogg but then the activity on these bloggs was to happen at a coincidental time, as if there was a thought bouncing around in the atmosphere to create tension, especially over the holidays when I suspect MOST people have grown senstive on the issue of weight gain IRL.

The bottom line is there were allot of bloggs that seem to inadvertantly touch upon the idea of body image IRL, gender projection, and even a "verification of sex".

These are naturally sensitive issues to blogg about. It seems to me that the main component of the multitude of postings was really looking, searching out controverial stances and then decided to "attack" feeling "attacked" her/him self... although with the bloggs in question, the person in question who felt the need to go on a troll mission, is possible doing this for the sake of how many google hits, he or she gets. To validate this, the next post of the recent days has been an ironic rage against Wiki, something that, he/she quotes quite often, as much as a Christian of great faith would quote the bible.

But Wiki and the system of it is evil and useless.. but not for hits if you want to tag your content and get google hits on your blogg. I guess I could do that too... but I realized that putting google ads up on my first blogg was a huge freaking mistake, because, A, it causes problems with loading time, B, I don't care, honestly, C, it was like begging for money, D, there was NO money to be made with it, E, possibly because I don't really wish to blogg to appeal to a larger audiance but rather to structure and repeat my thoughts out loud.

I am a boring blogger... I am long winded and twist and turn to the thoughts of my own communication style, this style coming from the structure of my brain, a brain which has its language coming from the right side, communicated to the left to speak it. A typical hemospheric style of that of someone who has Synestisia, I had best stick to painting as a form of language like, Kandinsky ;) *warning the presence of the name of a Russian painter is certain to get me the "respect" of someone who calls everyone FIC or "telecommunist"*

Nevermind for now what the train of thought was, I have no time for it.