Wednesday, 27 February 2008

all in a day's adventure?

Ok so when I saw that Vidd was around last night.. I went over to his house to bother him..well I hope I wasn't bothering him. I finally went to see the attic in his little house where he spends most of his time creating stuff.. like a mad scientist.

So we were just hanging around and for some reason we got started on the inventory list and like me, Vidd forgot what the name of that Star Trek outfit was called.. because it wasn't searchable unders Star Trek but rather Voyager.. which doesn't really come to mind easily.

We ended up talking about some armour so we were going to the shop as soon as Vidd change his clothes because he didn't want to be seen in the Star Trek gear..:P and then when I got to OMFG I kept getting booted..

because it had been a very long day.. I ended up calling it a night.. (sorry Vidd) I just couldn't handle the espulsion from the internet any more and I was dead tired.

IRL I had to push myself to do some things like go and take my son to his fave place to get some bubble bath bombs and stuff..and then I let him take a look at the drum kit at a shop in that area.. and then we took the scenic route walking down the narrow streets on the Northern part of Södermalm.

Thus the real possiblity of a video may be out soon of real life and a little adventure..

My son wants DRUMS.. no more no less, and cymbals too.. I think he deserves it! He's been working really hard and was very good when we went out.. We walked in the rain for a few hours actually, from the bus, and the train and then to the shop by Stockholm's Södra station.. and then when we went the crazy way down the street after seeing that it was the very high veiw of the typical Stockholm stuff like Ryderholman and Statshuset.

I figured it was a good moment to take out the camera in spite of the massive rain. And then we took the lift down to Slussen station to get to our train to Högdalen and then we walked and walked lost in the rain to find the indoor play house where you pay and let your kid run about like a manic.. yeah thats cool.. while I jumped up every few minutes seeing that he wasn't getting into trouble.

At least we got a ride home! And so you understand why my day was really a bit less than perfect for me.. with this stupid cold and everything yet again.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

getting hooked on clothes for my dolly...

I see allot of potential with clothing.. there is so much to learn about different body types.. so everyone could easily be their own personal dress adviser.. my "dolly" has a short thick body... just like me.. I think I have most of the proportions for the feet because I just can't get the pretty shoes in my proportionally correct shoe size.. and so because of that I made the hands smaller too.

I supsect I'm about to turn this into a fasion blogg if I don't watch out.

Monday, 25 February 2008

Truth OR Dare!!!

Today Django took us to see a "Truth or Dare" machine in the area.. he found in the Hungarian section close to the place where we all "live" in SL.. So the three of us played the bottle spin with a truth or dare kind of thing going on.. it was wacky too.. especially those DARES!!! OMG!!!

It seems Space got all the fun questions.. Django seemed to get the lion's share of the dares.. because we were all picking on random, and I got all the deeply personal questions for some reason.. it was like the machine had an intelligence to its random questions.. and was obviously most curious about me..LOL...And although we were in a PG area, the questions really dealt on issues of sex , sexuality, suicide, necrophila, murder and money and what would you be willing to do for money both IRL and in SL...

The dares were a little silly..too such as "strip down to your underwear and accept a landmark from one of the other players and teleport there and Shout out "I'm So Horny!!"...

Humuculo would have had fun.. had he been there.. Vidd showed up later on and it was great to have another player, but by then the questions were getting a little recycled...and the machine was orbiting us randomly when it was our turns as well.. it was insane.

We did have fun and this was seriously addictive.. I stayed on a long time because of this game.. thats why I have to cut it short tomorow to go somewhere with my son even if I am not feeling well because I feel bad that he had to hang with his grandmother all day today.

Maybe we can try that game again, but not too soon, maybe every so often though with a group on maybe a Sunday? Ah it would be fun!!

Friday, 22 February 2008

a formal tea party..

There was much dancing and great amount of clasical music.. it seemed kind of cool and I liked the people for being somewhat at ease with more so called uncomfortable topics such as religion, politics and sex-- since those topics as a rule are generally taken as off limits by most, and started talking one to one with someone who represented themselves as a scientist.. on the topic of metaphysics. This always happens to me.

Its nice to meet people who are lively and smart.. charming but not crude.. maybe the occasional cheeky comment.. a little spice to life..

Certainly I will be coming back to their parties.. and perhaps bringing friends if they wish to go as well.

I was wearing an Far Eastern red and black formal outfit.. but mine was naturally different what was there.. but just as long, a wonderful freebie I got at House of Zen, a freebie feather fan I got from the Hera shop, and the freebie Tesla Mary Jane shoes from Fab Free HQ. I wouldn't normally post what I was wearing in such detail, but I wanted to emphise that I spent no lindens to create what I wore.. and even though it was different in style because it was a Far Eastern themed outfit compared to the tradtional Western formal dress, it looked nice and didn't stand out as being outside of taste.. or the theme of formal wear.

More stories yet to come!!!

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Avatar: What do we wish to express about ourselves, or not about our selves?

A few weeks after sheading the newbie skin, the skin I was so attached to because it was the only one that made sense at the time, I am given to believe in this progress there was much that I needed to learn.. some people learn faster than others, where as I, as in real life put up with what I was given..

Upon hitting one of my first freebe lovely skin with freckles called "Another Skin"..I found something which felt positive, realistic and yet also beautiful. Maybe it was the variety in make up, maybe it was the way that the lumincent tones between the shadows and pinkish blush looked.. not to mention how realistic the freckles also looked... I discovered an artist to contribute to the art of the avatar, her name is Eloh..and she's a brilliant creator!!!

Beside the first hair I bought, when I got to the Gnubie shop at Indigo, I bought first, a pair of eyes. I love them too, so much I tried to look for the shop they came from, but it was no longer around.

So I was stuck still looking for the perfect eyes.. well last weekend I found a pair, and in my possesion I also had a nice short hair cut I found two weeks previous that I didn't even try on before I was fiddling around with my "Male Crow Skin" you see, I found a shop that allowed me to get the skin as an award for sitting 100 minutes in a chair... so under that time I purchased, remotely with the mouse look, a beautiful pair of eyes.

The end result was a difinitively clearer look, and although my own husband said, "it doesn't look like you" my son said it did.. but then again he corrects me too when I say "the lady", he corrects me with "thats you.."

Even though my avatar isn't awesomely beautiful, the goal was to compose it as an element of myself.. and project an element of my "self"..

Now tell me if this is FACT or Fiction because I just realized some people have a problem telling the difference and I'm the one acting all Autistic and stuff..
The last time I talked to Humuculo he gave me a teleport to his location, the location was a photosphere.. they are supposed to be a great resource when using GREEN SCREEN (something I have the capacity and software for).. I walked around and took a look at the pose ball on one which was a flying carpet, the one in front of me and sat down.. Immediately Humuculo rested his head on my lap by using the other pose ball.. I was a little shocked.. but then it changed poses and it was a face to face one.. and I was thinking and saying "NoooOOOOOooo" as in that wasn't what I came here for.. NOW this is the Fictional part..
After looking into the hollowed out eye sockets of my little friend I immediately in my own defence, mind you, jabbed my little fingers deep into those caverns.. hoping to inflict what I could give for pain on a little dwarfly skull man.. and he backed off.. as I pushed him off the pose ball and onto the ground bellow.
Dusting himself off, he took this oportunity to put on a jaunty little barett.. and said in a funny accent.. "now I am a photographer.. now you will refer to me as master of the photosphere...." and I backed up a second and laughed to myself.. "ah, sure..." and wondered what this funny little man was going to do, or try to do next.
I did mention I liked DoctorMetropolis jacket... and would like to know where he got it if at all possible.. he tapped his cane.. (did I mention he had a cane.. a grand walking stick of strange size and shape with a bling diamond on top??) as he walked with a lame foot.. twisted about the wrong way from perhaps the push I gave him..
And then preceded to guide me to the other photosphere.. with on pose ball.. and said.. to me to push the arrows to change poses.. but it did seem AWEFULLY suspcious... but I thought, I can knock him down to the ground if he pulls anything again.. since I did secure a machine gun, which I hear I may need in the future, being a woman and all.
But the poses were not so bad, but I had to wonder, why this day, why now, what is going on.. and I thought it was NOTHING.. but little did I know he was trying out X ray eyes!!!!! That bastard!!!! What Nerve!!!
So all the while he was taking photos, he was having a little peep show!
When Space and Django came to my rescue.. he took off the barret and brought DoctorMetropolis over to have an agruement, all in front of me.. but after that, he gave me something to kill me and deleted all records of ever knowing me..but I survived the poison long enough to take this notation down.. that maybe it may be too late for me.. but not for SarryCrey.. look out babe.. look out!!!!
ah but I suvived...

It takes me too long to concentrait on the techincal matters, and my learning style, although I learn fast, I need quiet for me to concentrait, after all I am an elite craftsperson..and can use NON virtual tools such as kilns, acetylene-air soldering with silver and other precious metals, and most fun, molten glass..where even an expert can lose up to 50% of the work due to a number of things which naturally go wrong. But now in the isolation of an environment were even painting is a chore, what am I to do with my mind?

Answer - learn new things and explore new possiblities, otherwise I would be like a bird thrashing its wings against the bars of a cage of circumstances.. you either stop thrashing or die or possibly find another way to express flight..
So here we all are expressing aspects of our personalities, and some of us even need not only more than one main avatar (which is quite normal, as is "dress up") but even more than one account to express whats inside.

The one with the snakeskin background is by him... the one with my newbie look is in the wastlands with Django..and I'm wearing a pair of bat wings.
(note that I did edit this, but still not enough)

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Kinky castles and flying zombies..

From what Django tells me and from what I have seen, all SL castles are kinky.. the way it works I guess. The other night/day I was hanging with Vidd and there was a crazy castle with crazy stuff in there.. bath stuff and fountains and weirdo posing balls..

I think they were mostly kinky if you picked the female one.. so I just picked the male one when I sat down on the chairs and sofas and stuff to test out what was going on there.

Vidd is funny and will aways try out these things.. where as... I can read.. I don't want to see it. But that night I was getting so logged out and bounced and booted and what ever.. it just didn't like me. So I eventually had to give up and then some people showed up in the castle anyway.. so it was time to leave.

Now one of our friends who lived in the area bought some land... she got two lots, for a reasonable SL price, one to keep and one to rent.. and near that area there was a strange little place.. an island attached to another island by a bridge that was not off limits to visiters. There was a grave stone and these dummy things to practice targets on-- and if you touch the grave.. a zombie would come out and go after you.. it was scary! I thought to myself within the grasp of the zombie.. I hope they don't fly... and started to fly.

As soon as I did sooner said than done.. guess what was following me... a freaky flying death zombie.. well I didn't know that the touch of the undead wasn't dangerous but I wasn't going to find out the hard way.. so it was time to run away and investigate the castle in the fog...

I only explored two rooms.. the living room had a bar, you know that was a little odd, but a BED? A fire place with rug.. the naughty kind, a piano with nothing fishy...

a sofa, which wasn't fishy and then finally a kitchen with dishwasher, but still you had a dishwashing at the sink pose which only told me how perverted the owner was.. .. making people wash dishes when they have a dish washer!! The nerve!!

The kitchen would have been cool with the exception of one thing... the cabinet doors were exactly the same as mine IRL and mine are like 20 years old.. (anyone who wants them please.. ask me and just come over and take them Sweden, but hey they are free with the removal, I think they will clean up easily and stain with a nicer colour than the one I have which strangely enough was also the same as the castle's colour!!!)

Yesterday I earned my lindens by going to this place to paint a picture.. but the pay wasn't AS good as the one that I go to which is just one lone place to lay on the beach.. it was 5 every 30 minutes in an area which sold really wild stuff.. photorealistic sexy skins and the odd body part and other very very non-pg stuff, but it is hardly as difficult as getting my head around the fake doctor incident that Django and Space reported to me..

The advert there about it is practically child pornography..a "real" doctor who belongs to the "Association of Fake Doctors".. and they would like to lead you to believe you are getting a real doctor, a woman, but instead it happens to be a man... posing as an Asian woman, and the interests shown on the profile makes me feel, if this were an real doctor, I would have the licence revoked... but this is cartoon stuff right? Some people don't see the need to regulate such behaviours.. but when it comes to using people, which this doctor does, by not only charging 500 linden for 20 minute examination but preying upon young people..its illegal on all ends.

I think other people who were there can describe the situation much better than I can, because I wasn't there, but I read the advert, and then finally the profile of the person it was clear to me, there are a few violent peversions being expressed in his time in SL.. seriously, even still I would report the advert as a clearly child porn.

Did I though? Not yet.. I don't want to have to get too close to report anything like that.. probably owns a castle as well as a "doctor's office".

As far as castles go, I really don't know what attracts people to want to build one just to use it as a porno toy, but hey, different things... but if it were so different, why so many pick out the same crap? It goes beyond me.. but then again it always does.

As far as zombie slaughter, we had a fun time doing that!!! Django says to me.. I want to take some photos of you getting the zombie... and I was like "no but maybe if I had a gun or something... " but then I tried out some weaponry.. and I totally suck!!! I can't believe I couldn't even swing a club or shoot a machine gun.. so I relyed upon my insanity to slaughter zombies.. sometimes more than one coming out of the grave at one time.

I tried the mouse look, but that crap wasn't working and from my view, I was just getting the evil eye from those nasty old zombie stares... I was hoping that my club was smacking them but I ended up sitting on the zombie head and then the zombie goes flying up... trying to get me but they can't cos I'm on its head!!

Same time more zombies are coming after me.. Django is laughing his arse off so hard he nearly falls out of his chair in real life and Space has to come down to see if he's ok and then she sees the zombie slaughter (most likley I suck and they are slaughtering me!!) and then to make matters worse, the club makes me walk like a caveman.. and I'm wearing a Star Trek uniform.. while trying to smack zombies... with their heads up my arse!! Its uncomforable at best.. and yes I too was laughing!!!

so to defete the zombies one needs a smile.. and a can of zombie repelent (and maybe a tooth brush too, well it couldn't hurt) and a huge club for head wacking.... but Django and Space had it down.. they had their machine guns out!! Zomies coming out in groups larger than 4 when I last looked.. but it was time to stop all the slaughter.. and bid everyone a good night/(day in my case).

If only I could slaughter SL scum as easily as those zombies.. well, first things first, you have to be armed and you have to know what you are doing.. and experience always counts.

Did I mention the fish camp?

Ah that was another story.. and the "Dancing With Humuculo" was cute..

I've got other stories to tell and other things to write down, but I'm not ever sure about how much or who wants to hear.. and of course the real danger of writing anything is the fine line between good writing and overshare.. as a friend told me long ago, and I try to keep myself far on the more positive side of that line, foolish as I am.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Blackmail in red envelopes.. and slow dancing with Humuculo

It was St. Valentine's day for me.. or was it for them? I can't recall that small detail and yet there was a vague rememberance of dancing involved... damnit that little skelleton headed dwarf, Humuculo must have slipped something in my drink... I recall arriving there in the day time..and watching Space and Django dancing a slow dance.. and Metropolis and Humuculo were there dancing Salsa.. and suddenly it went dark..

Its weird and such because I damned well came there in the daytime but the sugestion to turn off the sun was see the stars, moon and planets much better.. and we were dancing on of all things lilly pads.. and suddenly I was dancing the Salsa with Humuculo.... things were spinning.. I felt giddy.. I don't know what happened but sugested a slow dance.. WELL I didn't know what was to happen NEXT!!

It must have been that spacey music or something that Munky slipped in my drink.. but then we were slow dancing face to skull.. the details went black with my face lamp.. I woke up the next day... and someone said they had photos to prove it.. but my friend Humuculo blackmailed me... but not directly.

I think it was like the last time we danced.. but we danced the tango.. he seemed taller.. and he said to me the most romantic thing "your feet don't smell.." ah how I did swoon.. even after all those tricks they played on me.. that Humuculo and our good good friend, Doctor Metropolis.

Well well, the blackmailers changed their toons.. and deleted the pictures with a few bribes...but I wanted to see what happened.. so I could at least remember it for a moment.. but since being drugged on that day, its only been a dizzy spinny blurr of dance and ambiance music... and falling down drunk into the water only to disappear to another place.. the space of dreams and of black outs.

What have you done to me Humuculo? Was it the pair of you who conspired against me, poor innocent me?.. ah possibly not.. I was just blamed for choosing the dance.

I must remember NOT to look into the eyes which can never look back.. for they are only out to steal your soul... and your heart.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

"Oily Fish n' Silk" by request

Where do I begin? I think I want to talk about the enjoyment of the perpective of people even if they are often just on the edge of being offensive to some..

I take in point the time Doctor Metropolis brought up the film with Tom Cruise in it "Legend" damnit going to have to link this one up..

I mentioned my "twin" Thomas who was crazy about that he went on and on about the black dress in hell.. ect.. and Doctor Metropolis said of course.. they did the lighting to make it beautiful, it was a flimsy thing that would probably fall apart if anyone wore it and he added it probably didn't look so great in the daylight.. and it isn't like I myself DON'T think those things... but he actually said it.

He'd be like the perfect person to read bedtime stories to kids to reveil the darker side of the symbols in them..since I do that kind of thing all the time to myself.. I just wanted to say I really enjoyed that unveiling of the reality, it was a gentle reminder of what I say to other people all the time.. maybe not in so well phrased sentences.

We got there on the topic of unicorns.. because Legend was about the devil (played by Tim Curry, no less) wanting to kill the last of the unicorns.. and because I was lured into Second Life by way of unicorn. Its not like I didn't get what I wanted either.. all was truth in advertising, absolutely.

Life was to change.. but for many people life changes in a different way.. Nash for example, he shuns his friends, (and bans them from his house for just simply rezzing stuff) People shoot at us, and he's pretending he don't know us.. and then finally he made his friends who he's known for years IRL wait 20 minutes while a bimbo gets dressed.. (well if that was "dressed" I hate to see what undressed was!!!!)

She was all shiny and oily.. and half mostly naked.. someone said.. that is an interesting bathing suit you have there.. and she said it was her silks. This skin she was wearing was shiny to look like she was oily. Nash only knew her for about a day...but he knew his other friends there many years longer.

I guess after all that.. and the fact it was causing a bit of tension.. I finally, before we left changed my avatar into "Nash bait".. red hair, light green eyed, long legged hot chick in skimpy outfit and high heels. It did make a point but what point I didn't know.. because it was just probably the shock value I was into... because he was all "Alter what did you do to yourself??!!"

I was trying to make a point that my cartoon was easily changable.. just as anyhone else's.. Ask Humuculo, if a man can be a little skull running about in SL what else can't one do? ..and it was Nash who seems very suspicious and saying "Dude" to Sylvie..when I wouldn't be surprised if Oily Fish n' Silk chick turned out to be a boy..I mean unless he KNOWS, how can he know?

I really apreciate that other people have commented about my writing style.. I've been writing lately mostly for myself, but earlier I was a pretty random blogger before I ditched all that writing because it all got too personal and too complex, and in my personal life, there was no room for that, so when people actually say its OK about me writing about what happened from my perspective, I started doing this.

If you are reading this.. maybe in the next few days or in the next year... or years, (WHO knows?) you are one of the elite, my previous Live Journal blogg, (deleted October 2006) was read by, at least on a random basis by Momus and Pete Shelley.. who were very kind to encourage me, it was also read by my friends who deleted their accounts at Myspace (the summer of Myspacecide) and some who didn't delete.. some I have met many I have not met.. and all many who have touched my heart in only a few lines.

The creation of was when I was experiementing with an idea of a travel blogg.. but never really took off with that.. but is now mostly converted to "life", "dreams" and synchronicity events.. but also its gotten to be more of an alterative to trying to understand the Argonautic from within, so many spectrums!.. there are so many things happening.. so much synchronicity.. just within our mear names and the places we go.. and what we read in almost any texts.

It can come down to a thought, a single thought, focused and pure.. or a word in the ear of the correct person will direct me to understanding the nature of how one person can start a chain reaction and change the world.

On the topic of the written word, electronic texts as opposed to texts on a page.. it would have been much harder to destroy it all in a fit of all or nothing type rage (you know, when someone says, you write well BUT remove this) and you say to yourself.. if I comprimise then I will continue to comprimise.. so if you love my writing so much...I said.. you will not say that OR you will suffer when I delete..

I have deleted my diaries before, but this was not digital, it was fire because I didn't want anyone to read what I suffered and that when I got my scholarship, I wanted to move on, far beyond the pains of growing up.

I am sorry I was that way.. as I never saved a scrap of those 2 years of Blogg . I wonder if I WAS any good? so poor little Sphinx... she had to move on..

and now she's AlterEgoTrip, and AstroSphinx all at once.

I think its kind of cool when on the other blogg people call me "Astro" sounds kind of Spacy :D.

Anyway speaking of Space.. and Django... Happy Aniversery!! 11 years! Congrads *clap clap*

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

My beautiful lady...

This is my version of the CSI Miami lady..only problem is that the skin will not allow for definition.. so her skin has no wrinkles.. not that those would be visible but that even MY avatar has wrinkles.. due to the fact all faces have them..

She's standing in front of a cut out of Rose Tyler the Assistant to Doctor Who..

Now I could have googled up her image to have something to work with, but I worked exclusively by what impressions were in my mind of what she looks like since I'm trying to train my mind to retain detail and to extract it easier as well.

If the browser didn't crash evertime I tried to make a new avatar, I think I'd have allot more interesting ones.. I have lots and lots of matterial to work with.. I've got lots of plans but once again... too little time.. time to sleep.. goodnight :D

I hardly remember the bad stuff...

Lets set Doctor Metropolis on fire? or is it Burn the Witch? Django and Doc have been naughty.. trying to play jokes on me.. when they know I don't wanna see no naked people!!! Not unless I have to draw them or make clothes for them..:P
Ah but you were funny anyway.. just please I have a comfort zone.. I'm trying to stay long inside of it!
I dreamt last night I was looking around my home.. in place like my home but then again like SL... but real, and there was a lake and a very beautiful landscape and there were animals in cages.. and they had been transformed into savage beasts... and I was being interviewed for something.. something illness related and job related all at once, and then I went to see these animals while I wasn't busy.. and saw they were all kind of weird and wild.. and so.. I let them out.. and let them run wild and thought, it was best for everyone.
And then I was inside my house.. and then walked outside.. in front.. but unlike my house, this had a clear placid looking lake as a neighbour.. and the air was foggy and dim.. but not dawn.. just not completely night, and when I looked up there was a UFO.. and it was directly above me hiding in the cloud and I said.. "Hey.. you lot are not supposed to be here.. !!" And they left.. fast as the light.. until they flew away and looked like a distant star..
And I thought to myself.. boy that was close.. I hate it when THAT happens..(I related to someone that I think the reason I did that was because I didn't want to show any fear.. because once you show fear.. THEY get you..)
It was a dream point to make about watching videos on the topic that Doctor Metropolis put up.. and that was.. maybe the strength someone has at times is to stand up and face those who are threatening you.. I suppose.

If people are going to read this.. I better use spell check.. NOT

A few days ago Vidd.. (see photo) won a new helmet, but in order to wear it he had to edit it and shrink his head..

It was the day we went to the anonymous blank robot factory, the factory that turns you into anonymous blank robots.. (no photos shown).

It was kind of funny..especially when I went through the process and it didn't work, and tried it again and CRASHED.. when I tried to logg back in, I was suddenly a green robot in need of upgrades.

I was thinking about how some of the vitual things here.. because the real rules of the physics don't apply, you could make things very much like Doctor Who to a point.. I mean there is a Tartis you can buy to teleport you randomly to places in SL.. but there are a few other things that may need to push the edge a bit.. like actual time/digital time itself.. there are posiblities.. but its only like testing a theory... rather than actually doing something.

I wish I had the Tango with Humuculo story.. but sadly it did not save.. that would have been a funny read if anything!


The most irritating SL newbie Sylvie Stoop..came to my house. First thing she did was take over my house.. and said we were roomates!!

My first impulse was.. Ok, fine, but that sofa is my sofa..I guess there is a need in me, if there is something which could be a problem.. like most people, I walk away.. but she didn't let me walk away.

So I tried so hard to help.. really hard.. and I thought "geeze, you can't really be seriously in need of help THIS much".. and then during that moment I thought, "man someone is taking the piss" even asked her.. do you know the expression "taking the piss?" ah but she distracted me with lets be friends.. I'm so lonely after acting the super straight stand up person for the "take a pee" comment.. with I take a pee all the time..(LOL)..

I gave her a few cards she kept declining trying very hard to help her.. you know get started, I figured if she got some headway, she could start calming down.. eventually she got pissed off at me.. after all these cards and me trying to give her a dress.. she was like.. I want you to be my friend.. and I'm like.. here is a dress.. isn't that nice enough? She muted me..and said I was mean.

but then came back to show the truth...I wasn't going to be her friend if all she needed was constent baby sitting.. you see.. but I guess I didn't want her to be hanging out in the wind. It turned out Sylvie.. was a trickster.. and it was someone (a friend) taking the piss..

We had to reinforce Sylvie as a stranger to Humuculo.. I can't believe I did that.. because when I'm lying it hurts... and I had to take all the things I knew were true and just forget the ending to lie about it.. so the truth was Sylvie couldn't hear me because I was muted.. so I was feeding Humucolo the questions I would ask her, I think the weakest link was the question about where she was from because that was a dead giveaway.

I guess I would make a good lier about this kind of basic character stuff because if Sylvie was going to act a little man crazy.. for Humuculo I think she should have been Brazilan, Venusalian, Colombian, Japanese, Russian, Philipino, Thai, possibly Romanian, Hungarian, or even from Hong Kong..definately not from Pakistan.. maybe.. a very slim chance of her being from India.. practicing her English skills..

I think it was blown when Sylvie was from Pakistan.. beep..

But so we tried a sexy Sylvie on Nash..

and Nash was looking well so far, I mean his hair was very much his style.. still, I have to wonder if he would ever wear that bling in real life!

Anway so while we were chatting up Nash.. Sexy Sylvie walks up with a sob story about losing her old account and money and buisness in SL.

But anyway.. it turned out funny in the end..I didn't understand the asking Nash that question in the end.. it was a funny quesion about peas and boxes.. I am still clueless.

And so.. when I got to SL today.. guess who was out hanging about.. Sylvie, Humuculo was trying to pimp her out or something to this guy.. I though oh no.. But it turned out they were trying to get this guy to become an employee.. just to mess with him in a weird sort of way..

It was actually kind of funny in the end.. and we all squapped.. so it was a happy ending.

After all squapping makes you happy. And it does..:)

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Earning Lindens by Palentology Questions??? WTF???

Today has been a real adventure in SL, more than any other time because it was really DIFFERENT!

First off.. I got there in morning my time long after the party at Drama Libre was going on. and didn't really have a brilliant time.. I mean it was quite ok but the MUSIC, well it wasn't my cup of tea.

We spent allot of time getting ready.. or at least I know I did.. I know the other members of my party really spent allot of time on their costumes and used things that they made, found, won, edited...They were wonderful too!!

So anyway after getting dressed for the Venice Carnival themed party, we went there and I was sadly shocked about the lack of musical value of the entertainment..they were playing "Guns and Roses".. so although I was dancing I had to turn the sound off..I was interupted by my family time and needed to make breakfast... and finally after everyone was done, I went back and they were playing Placebo, which is naturally miles better, but still it boarders upon my tolarance of pop music.. maybe had it been a completely different song..?

Ah never mind..whatshername that Avril girl.. that really suck.. "Hey Hey.. I could be your girlfriend..." as if she was even "better" than Britney Speers.. I think perfectly equal.. just wait a few years.. and I'm like.. "must be calm, must not leave just because of my intolerance... my prejudices... "

So upon talking and finally leaving..we all decided we had other things to do.. and now.. its not the hosts of the party for it being this way.. they were very kind hosts and have next weeks theme as being "Space Truckstop".. so you know we will be back.. definately back, as the music must be better than this last time and I found out later it wasn't the normal DJ who is there with the group's parties.

Well we tried to go to Pocky Land, but it was all LAG LAG LAG, so then we ended up on a real replica of an ocean liner called "Galaxy".. after we got to the ghostly and barely inhabited ship.. we were playing around and then Vidd showed up.. which was nice.. when the other members of the party left, eventually Vidd and I got the chance to talk.

When Vidd left I explored the ship and finally got a chance to talk to the owner who told me a few details about what the simulation was.. and what it was based upon and such.. which was rather impressive.. I did get information earlier.. I mean they have bookings for "virtual banquets" and "virtual weddings".. but I find that kind of stuff about SL odd.. and when I explored the shops and found stuff there people could buy.. for "THOSE" kind of parties.. its kind of weird too.

I got a few free things from the shop and then actually followed the link to another shop.. the main shop of Mantahari's or what ever it was called. I was expecting a costume like Mantahari.. which would have been cool but it was something else.. I have yet to try it on, but with it came a gift certificate of 100 lindens off the price of an outfit, this was from the ship, then when I was walking out (and they had a lucky chair giveaway there BTW)... I got a message from Jade's Jazz Island...

Now Jade's Jazz Island is where we went to Squap and they were so nice to us.. it was bizzare... in fact they are super nice, seductively nice in fact! I followed the message attachment and it teleported me to the middle of the island.. (which incidently I teleported away in front of that Mantahari's shop only to be teleported to a place with a shop of the same name in the distance..close by)..

Ok so finally I found the dance place.. I forgot the name.. but I was just deciding to dance there.. stepped up to the ball and instantly won 5 lindens. (forget about camping now!!!) Then I started dancing and they had a trivia quiz going on.. it was on the topic of dinosaurs and palenteology.. which was weird.. because I got like 3 questions correct when I finally did try.. I walked out of Jade's 40 lindens up and yet that wasn't just it..

I danced with a strange young guy who was only there in SL for one day so far and he managed to get to this place.. it was wild.. he was smart and sharp witted and from the Newcastle area of the UK. At the same time I was dancing around chatting with the young man there, I was chatting with Vidd who had come back on line to find stuff..

So eventually when the young guy went to leave..I teleported over to Vidd to the empty strip club to see him pole dance.. fully dressed but still it was really cool..

when I got back from making waffles.. (in real life) I came back to my region and it gave me a warning that they were shutting down and that if I didn't want to get logged out, I had to leave the area for the next 30 minutes. At least they gave me a warning..and then I went to the Gnubie shop at Indigo.. and spent my little extra new money wisely.. on a hair that I needed if I was going to make the portrait of the CSI Miami character who is the correner.. the lovely black lady.. with mysterious eyes and the thin figure..I don't even remember what her name is on that series.

So there it is.. a kind of fun day.. I forgot to mention how many freakn times I crashed and rebooted either.. but we will let it slide.. as always.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

¨12 minutes of man on man tango, SL style

I think the title speaks for itself but the contexts are thus:

[0:38] Django: Alright vid, tango with me
[0:39] Doctor: man on man tango!
[0:39] vidd: how do i tango ? where the ball?
[0:39] Django: Fuckineh
[0:39] vidd: awkward question to drop on ya, i know
[0:39] Django: The pink ball in front of me
[0:39] SpaceCase: The Tango ball
[0:39] Doctor: pink means your the girl
[0:39] AlterEgoTrip: its ok don't be afraid
[0:39] Django: Don't tell him
[0:39] vidd: aint reacting
[0:39] AlterEgoTrip: I'll try it too..
[0:40] Django: Ok come here Alter then
[0:40] Doctor: I danced with him when he was a little green guy
[0:40] Django: Yes he did
[0:40] Django: There you go
[0:40] AlterEgoTrip: yes I watched it..
[0:40] SpaceCase: Woo!
[0:40] AlterEgoTrip: whhhoooot!!
[0:40] Django: Don't touch my ass and you'll come out of here alive
[0:40] Tango whispers: synchronising
[0:40] Doctor: LOCOS NINOS!
[0:40] AlterEgoTrip: lol
[0:40] SpaceCase: Ole!
[0:40] AlterEgoTrip: hurrah
[0:41] Doctor: lol!
[0:41] AlterEgoTrip: ooh no
[0:41] Django: This is gonna cost you Vidd
[0:41] vidd: lol
[0:41] Django: I hope you got some $$$
[0:41] AlterEgoTrip: laughing my arse off!!!!!
[0:41] AlterEgoTrip: yeeeeaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!! play it
[0:41] AlterEgoTrip: sit and play (guitar)
[0:42] AlterEgoTrip: yeeeeaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!
[0:42] vidd: shit man, you have to rub like that?
[0:42] vidd: these are my clean pants
[0:42] Django: Yes Vidd
[0:42] SpaceCase: I hope there's no chaffing!
[0:42] Django: Sorry
[0:42] Django: That's how XXXXX tangoes
[0:42] AlterEgoTrip: looks good
[0:43] Django: You smell like pork Vidd
[0:43] AlterEgoTrip: lol
[0:43] Django: Whatup with that?
[0:43] Doctor: I took a picture
[0:43] vidd: yeah, had pork for dinner
[0:43] Django: I hope you did
[0:43] vidd: i really did
[0:43] AlterEgoTrip: it would be a lovely picture
[0:43] Django: See, I can smell shit
[0:43] Django: Even in SL
[0:43] vidd: sorry about the garlic and onions
[0:43] AlterEgoTrip: see..he can remote view
[0:43] Django: Blows your mind, huh?
[0:44] SpaceCase: XXXX has the nose of a Cocker Spaniel
[0:44] vidd: it blows something alright
[0:44] Django: Yes I do
[0:44] AlterEgoTrip: man someone should write a book with this dialog
[0:44] Django: I like your shampoo Vidd
[0:44] AlterEgoTrip: :)
[0:44] Django: LOL
[0:44] vidd: lol
[0:44] vidd: sweet talker
[0:44] Doctor: sneef it!
[0:44] Django: I did
[0:44] AlterEgoTrip: I'm freakn laughing too much
[0:44] Django: still smells like pork
[0:45] AlterEgoTrip: you're killing me
[0:45] Django: Sorry Alter
[0:45] AlterEgoTrip: its wonderful though
[0:45] Django: You have the music on Vidd?
[0:45] vidd: nope looking into it
[0:45] AlterEgoTrip: I really wish I had permission to copy this but its private LOL
[0:45] SpaceCase: Like pig roast? 'coz there was one of those outside y'know...
[0:45] Django: Copy what? the dialogue?
[0:45] vidd: holy shit
[0:45] AlterEgoTrip: yeeeeaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!
[0:46] vidd: im hearing the music now
[0:46] Django: I give you permission
[0:46] AlterEgoTrip: cos this is between the two of you
[0:46] Django: Now you're gonna get into the mood
[0:46] vidd: i think i dripped in my pants a little
[0:46] Django: Vidd gives you permission
[0:46] AlterEgoTrip: lol
[0:46] Django: That's ok Vidd, I'm sure they have napkins
[0:46] SpaceCase: Stickam pals are something else. :-D
[0:47] Doctor: I just sent the pics to you guys
[0:47] Django: Thanks Doc!
[0:47] SpaceCase: Thanks Doc!
[0:47] Doctor: jinx!
[0:47] SpaceCase: Jinx!
[0:47] SpaceCase: Double Jinx.
[0:47] Django: Ok, you're getting too excited Vidd
[0:47] Doctor: multi jinx!
[0:47] Django: Your hands are sweaty and shit
[0:47] vidd: i am, i am
[0:48] Doctor: Loooolllll
[0:48] AlterEgoTrip: haah
[0:48] Django: I'm about to kneel you
[0:48] SpaceCase: How is that coat rack?
[0:48] vidd: cant wait
[0:48] Doctor: uh oh
[0:49] Doctor: the bad avatar
[0:49] SpaceCase: Nooot the joker!.....
[0:49] Django: Have you ever danced with the devil by the pale moonlight?
[0:49] vidd: im almost sure its a first
[0:49] Django: and maybe a last
[0:49] vidd: always the optimist
[0:49] Django: Look at me in the eyes
[0:50] vidd: im too shy
[0:50] Django: Give it a shot
[0:50] AlterEgoTrip: watch out
[0:50] AlterEgoTrip: its dangerous
[0:50] vidd: i already gave it a couple of shots. you are paying for the cleaners
[0:50] Django: What card am I holding?
[0:50] vidd: you keep moving
[0:50] vidd: hang on
[0:50] SpaceCase: The card is the dangerous tool. Lookout Vidd!
[0:50] Doctor: Duh! its the Joker!
[0:51] vidd: that it is
[0:51] Django: The beauty is that he has no clue
[0:51] Django: You shouldn't dance with strange men
[0:51] SpaceCase: Cool pics Doc, but where did you get the nosebleed seats from? lol
[0:51] Doctor: I have a trick camera
[0:52] Doctor: here it comes
[0:52] SpaceCase: Well, what I was really sayin' was the pics were teeny...
[0:52] vidd: oh great, get me all worked up and then leave me hanging
[0:52] Doctor: they are tiny?
[0:52] SpaceCase: XXXXX, you bastard!
[0:52] Django: Gone!
[0:52] Django: LOL
[0:53] Doctor: but where?
[0:53] AlterEgoTrip: oh my goodness
[0:53] SpaceCase: Doc, they are pretty small on my end.
[0:53] Doctor: oh wierd
[0:53] Django: I just TP'ed him back
[0:53] AlterEgoTrip: stay away from that avatar
[0:53] Django: Space, send him a TP
[0:53] Doctor: ah the victim returns!


And this is the kind of thing we "get up to"...its the only kind of drama I can handle.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Places out there to have fun in

I think I will start also writing reviews of places in Second Life I think are relatively safe from some of the behaviours I am avoiding.. (to stay in the theme of vitue) Some reviews for nice places.. and watching out for the pitfalls of the traps such as Sex Churches and other things that are out there for preditory behaviours to take place.

There was a person from China who said to me that someone offered them a free place to stay.. and then proceeded to molest their avatar.. now some people would say "so what"..but what if it was a child.. (I didn't know the person's age) but its a sort of mental shock.. this injury to an imagined personae..could be as real as someone threating your best favourite doll.. or toy, yes its not "real" but the sentiment is injuring all the same.. people very attatched to their avatars would probably tell you I make too light of the situation!!

Where as there is a certain boldness you can have.. where you DARE to do things you would never do.. such as go and visit someone at their house or close the door on the face of someone who claims to be a robber..weird.. (BTW I was told I should have reported that as an assult because they were threating me with robbery.. by saying "Yo Bitch.. gimme yor money!") I couldn't help but laugh and then after shutting the door on them.. they ran away.. damnit.. I was going to give an answer to that crap!!


So anyway went to a few new places.. with my friends. Without my friends I went to a shop to get a freebie.. then I followed a link to another shop.. based of all things, bridal gowns!! So anyway on the way out I saw a girl teleporting in and saw the flicker of a strange title about a "clinic".. and so I looked at her profile to find out what it may be.. she was part of some couple's clinic.. where I guess they couple people seemed odd.. yeah.. but then I saw an iceskating place on her list.. a "Romantic Iceskating" place. I went and took a look.. and found it rather cool.. if I had seen such a place in real life.. I'd go for real.

The space was wonderful, and this very same day, IRL I went iceskating with my little boy and his school class.. so changing into my vitual iceskates was just a joy..although they looked a little big.. the animations were graceful.. and the freeskates that I got at a previous location had a HUD.. to animate my avatar into doing a few more intersting and extra tricks.. such as flying through the air and spins... it was kind of cute for my son to watch an avatar of his mother.. skating in a short skirt in the snow.. in a very cool location. We explored that together.. with ice fishing and other things.. for couples but nothing too weird..

even animations for couple's skating, a susi bar, and a little cove to sit and watch everyone in on the rink, and finally a few ramps! At the teleport site.. a huge camp fire.. and even a shop..

I wanna go back now..

Saturday, 2 February 2008

The critique... some people will never understand.

So yeah.. Second Life.. right.. I've been here now about one month.. who knew it would be an interesting way of communicating with people?

So there is youtube, right? I suppose people are familar with youtube.. but not so many people see it as a community.. just the people who are in it who recognise it for the community it is.. other people who are within various forms of internet communties basicly have little information about the "community" under the surface of all that youtube video...uploads of old tv programs, ect.. even new silly stuff. But there is a fresh and vital world out there in youtube of people who are bigger stars than I could have ever imagined... new tallent.. old tallent just sitting there in need of discovery.

People didn't understand the need for fan based communities to "meet up".. and explaining to them didn't make it any easier.. but then there was youtube.. the community.. 7/7 that sort of stuff.. and the same people who were a part of special fan based communties told me "I don't understand.. I mean, youtube, what do you lot do, sit around and say... I like that old TV show you uploaded.. and smile and give thumbs up to everyone?"

They didn't get it.

And now the community which is youtube is under some kind of fictional pressure.. some of the freshness of the situation fades when everyone just wants to be competitive and get that little bit of money.. and beg and plead to be seen..but this is not only because of the partner program and such, its because even though it was the "little people" who built up the community loading up their own ideas of entertainment, it is the industry in the buying and selling buisness who want "productivity" thus ads and such are going to be a part of the youtube future even though it survived before without it.. being in direct competition with tv.

Then there is these other communities.. when people start talking they tend to start thinking about what would happen if their ideas could be brought about.. it happens amoung the creative lots I hang with.. the techincally brilliant, the musical, the visual..

We are as a rule living in quite exciting times, and communities and activities are tools for people to get their ideas moving. Sometimes there may be a bit more brooding and nesting on the subject of thoughts and planning out ideas but the major thought that comes to mind is that we need to use our tools with more irreverance and yet at the same time more respect..

The tool I'm speaking of at this moment is Second Life. It is a very misunderstood medium, where as some people see it a stomping ground for perverts, cybersex seekers, pediofiles, furries, Barbies and Kens.. and generally preditory behaviours, I see it as a place of intersting possiblities once we can remove all of the pitfalls of any communities which may attract the LCD crowd.

Some of the same things as reality still happen.. walking into a bar in an unknown region and saying the "wrong thing" to the wrong person will get you impolitely banned.. no questions.. no money back..

The intolerance to "differences" in behaviours and jokes leads me to think that there is something a bit odd.. especially in a situation where everything and anything goes at times, and then suddenly the wrong word leading to be banned.. it is more likely a case of selectiveness as to not liking the "look" of your avatar.. which is really really weird since after all, didn't you create it? So facist behavours can dictate in some places... and people can make all kinds of assumptions based upon what you project.. with your imagination.

Your avatar, is it you? Is it a tulpa? Is it a fragment of your soul's expression?

Well some people buy them.. ready can you know.. and some people create their look and spend lots of time doing so. So what does it say about you then if you are an avatar out showing off your virtual breasts for a wet t-shirt contest? Is it possible this is going too far, or is it too easy for someone to aquire a pleasing appearance and show it off?

I'm still trying to wrap my head around that one.

I was in the Gnubie Shop at Indigo.. looking at some freebies when someone said out loud (in text chat) in disbelief "this is unbelievable.. I can't believe how far this goes...I have no more patience for this fake life.." I couldn't help but interject because fakeness is a matter of perception.. but it felt as real as if I were in a shop looking at a weird dress and getting some hell for it..

Obviously he read my profile after I mentioned that I had empathy for his situation (considering I get this kind of talk from people close to me about the topic of SL) but mentioned that sometimes it provides a strong medium for a model of reality..and he mentioned that he thought dreams were more constructive a way of spending time, to this I replied.. "but its not enough just to dream, but perhaps build and share your dream and let people walk around in your dream..and here you can do a relatively short while.."

I see the potential of SL.. I like it, but the bugginess of it makes me stay away from investing any outterworld money in it..although I toy with the idea.. but at the same time I think, if I can earn some in world Lindens.. I think I'd do that.. the problem is.. you can earn money and presents in very naughty ways it seems..virtual prostitution.. escorts and dates..and lesser stuff like stripping..which I think is kind of weird once again... and can't get my head around it.

But in world there is also shop keeping, gardening and sitting on benches.. someone even was parking space ships! My goodness.. if only I wasn't getting booted so much!

Ok so.. now you know some of my thoughts on the topic.. video to follow soon.