Friday, 29 August 2008

eye stick to what eye know-

Making eyes is something that I feel more confident in than making any other thing.. thats why I will eventually be uploading my eyes onto the main grid.. (I took this on the test grid)-- its just one of many I made yesterday and I feel somewhat smuggly proud of what has happened.

It could just be crap.. but for the price and style and quality, I don't think so.

Marketing style?

If I sold eyes, skins, and shapes.. and eventually hair and other goodies.. this is my idea of how I would market it all-

I believe that it would be all about attitude.. and not a hell of allot more, after all.. my shape here is based upon my own shape.. and in all honesty.. I only stop the bus, and no other traffic ;) and if you took one of the people so thought of for their beauty and just look at them .. you would find out, they are not super human, but possibly someone you may find repulsive.. and in the real world and especially in SL beauty is all in the mind and attitude.. if someone gets it, fine if they don't get it.. maybe they can learn it before they die.. its a learning of a lifetime and its something that goes against the grain of the modern ideas of most of the cyber culture.
Who knows.. maybe I'm just being preachey and being a hypocrite all at once :D Let me go figure out how easy it is to be sexy when a person bites on their toenails. (god forbid it was ME that did that, even if I CAN reach)

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

between the hair fair and dressing up

I experiemented with the Forge filters to see what they have to show me..

since I promised myself to wait out the Flickr obsession by posting pictures here, I am doing it.

Friday, 22 August 2008

Going for a swim?

Stardate, suplimental: stormy weather calm weather, SL vs RL

Take note that even some of my compositions IRL are the same as SL.... even if they were taken many years before.. but still.. its kind of interesting to see how often I repeat myself visually.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008