Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Been a while..

Yeah I thought I changed all my info and forgot what I thought I changed it to, right, well to make a long story short, it didn't happen, the old pass word was still in effect and the old epost as well.. (geeze I bet its getting full from not looking at it for litterally YEARS!)

SL is still urging me to take it seriously in spite of some stupid changes of format that LL had to embark upon as well as some hidden agenda changes to the TOS.

Life so far.. personally, well, I'm still alive and healthy after 9 days of fasting, (it IS Tuesday, um, right?) Tomorrow will be the last day.. and I am learning something about the universe.

Zen masters say "do not search for the truth, but search for your options.." interesting.. perhaps I should take that into account when I look at Second Life policies.

I ditched the extra land for a song.. (I can't abandon it to Governer Linden, it would never reach the market as I would like it to in a short amount of time.. I would rather almost give away such lands, and wish that others would do the same, seriously)

Bad neighbours, I have had a few, but I've as far as I know, have been a good one, if not an annoying one.. still I keep to myself, build my crap in the sandbox, and show off my skills to overshadow the abandoned garbage prims hanging in the air above..

interesting developments, things are getting even more heated up within SL's blogsphere (a new word I keep using).

My son needs to do his homework so I must leave this behind for postarity and perhaps post again one day in the future.

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