Friday, 18 September 2009

The irony of "shop yourself happy"

Opening the news paper this very morning, I find on page 9 of the kultur section, it was an answer to a psychologist explaining why you can not "shop yourself happy" and that one does not become happier by shoping, and that you can not actually measure the actual self-esteme in how many pairs of boots one has..

The point in the post was that the pyschologist was liking the entire fashion world to victims of some mental illness..mostly related to shopping to make one's self happy.

And yet I have to wonder, who can actually measure a really marked and honest self evaluation of happiness through the amount of things you have or have shopped for?

No one I know, and although I have seen people happy over their purchases, I have to be honest with you, its not that that makes people happy, its probably the fact that they for a moment were dazzled with the quality or the luxury of the item, the design the aquiring of a well made thing.. but is that real and geniune happiness?

Its a certain amount of pride but you can have pride in any kind of feeling, like today I have pride in the fact that I don't feel bad.. that has got to be a good thing, right? Especially since I was puking all night yesterday! I don't even know why.. but for some reason I feel great today..weird.

Oh and if its about the beauty factors that comes with some kind of fact that when I flew off my moped head first and landed on my face that it only scratched my teeth on the pavement.. it was the chance of actually being perminatly scared for life or not.. to have knocked out a tooth for example in the front, isn't really a "beauty trait" on most women.. I mean I've only seen at one point in time ONE woman with a chipped tooth as a beauty queen and that was miss Scotland, 1979.

So lets see, avatar beauty contests... right, the beautiful object I create, dress in beautiful objects created by me or others and the combination I put them in, a concentraited version of the RL fashion industry from the artistic to the pure capitalistic...(the kind you have a choice or those who believe there is no other choice if you wish to show your good taste)

There are of course the lower ends of this, the Barbies and Kens, or the escape from the human form all together.. with the explaination, "we don't need to wear clothes or try on new skins, we are creatures.." but what about something in the middle.. something neither right nor left nor up nor down, but something that says, "this is what I like myself, this is what I like to feel comfortable..mentally"

So with some of my shapes I started off with, I hypothisise what if I were... "taller", what if I were "fatter" what if I were "thinner" what if I had eyes like this?

What if I were dark skinned, what if I were a ghost, and what if I were me...?

What if I were younger, what if I were older, what if I were the same age I am only had more to spend on a wardrobe?

What if I were a boy? What if I were a vampire? What if I were a goldfish.. or a dragonfly or a bowl of soup?

ahhhhhhaaah.. as long as these things had good eyes, I don't care!!!

I see a picture of Ingmar Bergman in the newspaper.. it must be a sign of the coming coffee shortage apocolipse..

I think I have some other silly things to do now..sorry about this, I know I've really got to draw the line somewhere aside from making random posts.. you know? I think I will wait until next week to start my group, so no one steal the name, ok?

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