Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Was that you knocking on my door? Its almost midnight as far as I am concerned and I really don't want to get up and answer the door, nor do I to log in but something compells me..

could it be that those freebies are looking awefully good at this point in time, until I investigate those posts farther and realize I already beat them to the prize only last Friday.. I know, I know, naughty me, I'm not supposed to try new things and buy things that I want.. I'm only supposed to shop, no demos and no wearable demos, um right? After all that would be so totally anti-capitalistic of me if I were to hold on to my ill gotten undercut market gem's moneys and not spend a cent on some expensive gear, and don't even save up to create those massive amounts of textures stored up on the computer because that doesn't cut it..

Going out to the test grid, loading up a texture and seeing how it looks, well I just found out, its cheating of all things!! Who would ever want to make certain that they never waste lindens? Obviously a cheap bastard like myself!! And am I fit to walk in the shadow of the micro ecconomy?

Some have confronted me and said flat out that I had no buisness sence and yet, I still have my initial investment continuing to pay me back, that can't be bad, and yet I was told, on no uncertain terms how ignorant of the capitalist system I am..

Well I think I have mentioned it once before, what or which "capitalist" system are you addressing when you are dealing with a very closed market, a market of the masses eliminating competition.. the struggle between an entire "Asia" to my "Zimbabwae"... I am pushing a bicycle up the hill, and its been fun.. but do I want to risk riding it especially when I know that risking more will only mean I am going to put myself out of the game. This is the risk one takes.. I guess.

I live in a RL closed system, although I do and have done sparse projects and actually published images, as a freelancer in a strange field, the area of fine arts, I find that if only I could find an employer who would dare employ me outside of the artist union system, that I may actually substain a two year's under a service as an artist. Then I could actually be open to all the jobs after that short time within my area, because then AFK would allow me to have access to their jobs. Ah but that's just it, then there is this other sticky problem, my son, my traveling husband, and the idea of having to maintain this home. I'm probably even still "sjukskriven" even if I am starting to get better.. as I have not taken any money for my infirmities, it also leads me to being in a no man's land.. a world where nothing I do can be done if it can't be done within a short bit of time, and if it can not be done within certain hours of the day.

With that in mind, I will remove the lenses and start dreaming.. long day tomorrow, and this long day requires me to get some things IRL tied up. I may even attempt to ride my bicycle..


Adric said...

Sure as hell wasn't me, I was busy with hair, but it was like I dream I had where you out with these hippies chanting about evils of money.


And then it got ugly.

Free is good. Texture testing is good. It makes you come back. It's choice.

Business has nothing to do with sense. It's the genius liberal hippie and the prick cut throat business man. Steve Job over at Apple didn't invent shit. Woz did but he was so much a fucking dreamer hippie if would of never gotten it to market without Steve taking credit.

So you see? You just need a prick to balance you out.

Unions were born of necessity (abuses of workers) but as they grew the table turned and the funds went everywhere and benefits were demanded that could put companies down.

Now, an artist union is different. They exist solely like a gate around the country club and shut out those form the world they don't want in.

AstroSphinx said...

I somewhat more or less agree to the idea of the Artist Union because it is an isolation of the artist from the real world, on the other hand if there was anything that needed protection from complete profit motivated people to exploit them it would be the artist in general.

Anyone who have ever created one painting and has spent hundreds of hours on it knows one thing, that they will never gain back the true value of time spent, even if well paid it is a very rare artist that can actually EARN more than minium wage on such things.. most do not and never will but being employed gainfully within a place that secures the chance that there will always be an asignment, that is the gravy!! Gimme Gimme!! ;)

Oh and you know, with the stuff on my products, and the prices.. I use my prices as a deturant for anyone wishing to rip myself, I mean seriously it is so much more expensive to rip it than to buy it, so why would anyone do that? Maybe they should consider a partnership where they would give me the inital fees, and then they can sell all the stuff they want and give me my 50% on top of my fees..

No problem for me! I always like a sure thing, not really a huge risk taker.

Wanna be my evil marketing genius?

AstroSphinx said...

Which hippies were those hippies? I'm not a hippy remember? Not really a peace love and pitbulls kind of girl, well maybe just Carter "Peace Love and Pitbulls" kind of girl. Not a hippy no not raised this way.. I was raised to be a catlady! Usually dressed in fine fitting 1940s retro clothing and a jaunty little hat and lacy veil.. ;) um yeah thats the ticket.. yeah..