Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Updated.. for personal reasons I guess...

sooner or later some of the people I linked to are going to either phrase my great taste or curse me for putting them "out there" I am still looking for Ann Otoole's blog link in my huge pile of blogs.. plus I'm just going around adding the things I like to read.


Adric said...



It's her name and software. If you forget mine I will go off. Speaking of which I am going to rebrand with an avatar connection.


is up now but it goes to the same place .

Wait... When the hell did you get a blog? Where am I?

AstroSphinx said...

You are in there, "Living on a Prim".. seriously, and yeah I had this blog started since I began SL. The earlier stuff was crowd pleasing stuff.. and then things got weird so mainly has become bitching.. ;)

Actually, thanks for Ann's blog, I thought I posted it before, but it was the other side of the blog.. not here.. although there are so many great blogs!

I thought I should also mention that the setting puts the blog that has posted most recently, so its kind of going to stay up on the top depending upon how active the bloggers are. Nice feature, I like it.

Go back in time on here, cos there are some funny things from my Noobie days.. and some nice captures too :)

Adric said...

I was just having a look since the logo always tame which means things must get worse with digging.

Ann. Good old ranting Ann. She has some great ones at NWN. I like her.

That setting annoys me so. It's never worked on the BBBC2009 site but here it does. Freaky.